What is a Dharma Talk? 
The word Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means, "the teachings.” Our Dharma Talks are wisdom teachings that help you open your heart and to live more wholeheartedly. We’ll explore a wide range of topics, led by Perennial and visiting teachers, that enhance your creative and spiritual well-being.

What is a Ayurveda Talk?

How is it possible to maintain your health and well-being in a world that is constantly changing? The ancient yogic practice of Dinacharya can help. In Sanskrit ‘Dina’ means ‘daily’ and ‘carya’ means ‘regimen.” It shows us how to adopt rhythmic practices that align with the cycles that exist in nature so our body and mind can experience greater stability. In these talks Meg Sirchio, Founder of Perennial, will explore the upcoming Season and how we can establish healthy living through bodywork, diet, study, meditation, spiritual practice and personal routine in a way that brings balance and health given the opportunities and challenges the upcoming season brings.

Cost: $10FREE to Members

<< Nov 18 2017 - May 05 2018 >>

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