Amanda Boerboom

For years I was curious about yoga, but I always had a really good excuse why I couldn’t give it a try…time, money, fear. Did I mention time? For a long while I had been feeling a little lost and a lot drained from trying to keep up with a full time teaching career, my three children under the age of 5 and in general. I was so over being in survival mode. I longed for balance, presence and purpose. I ached for an authentic, wholehearted life and I wondered if yoga just might be the way to get there. Finally the day came when there were no more excuses.

The moment I walked into my first yoga class and stepped on my mat, my life was forever changed. I felt like I had come home. I discovered a safe place I could go. I didn’t have to be anything other than myself or do anything other than show up. That was enough. I was enough. After that day I never looked back. I immediately committed to a regular practice and over time my practice taught me countless lessons. It taught me how to be still, to breathe and to be present. My practice taught me how to play, to take risks and to find strength in vulnerability. And maybe most importantly, my practice taught me how to remember who I am and that I can always begin again when I forget. After nearly three years and much consideration, I was ready to commit to deepening my yoga practice further by learning how to share it with others.

Now as a yoga teacher, I am humbled and honored to offer a loving, authentic, wholehearted space for my students to practice doing what I first did: Show up just as they are and seek out whatever it is they need. Whether you’ve got everything together, you’re a hot mess or you’re somewhere in between, I invite you to come home to your mat to discover what yoga can teach you.

Amanda Boerboom instructs the following:
  • This Vinyasa style class is a balanced approach of effort and ease. It incorporates more challenging postures, including optional inversions and arm balances, and moves at a more dynamic tempo to build strength and grace. 
    For students who have a regular practice and want to move at a more rejuvenating and rhythmic pace.

  • This class is for the adventurous one! It incorporates challenging postures and moves at a vibrant, exhilarating and uplifting pace.

    For students who have a regular practice and who are familiar with the poses. This class requires presence of mind and the self-discipline to know your own limits so you can practice accordingly.


  • In this power vinyasa style class we infuse spunky and upbeat tracks to invigorate and energize your body and soul. Weaving together asana, breath, and music will aid in freeing yourself of the pressure of the everyday grind and allow you to let go, break free of rules, and flow to the rhythm of your own energy. Music may include hip hop, funk, pop, R&B, jazz, acoustic, and chill house. Come to your mat to play, dance, feel and groove.