Clare Bornemann

Self identifying as an “outside the box” yogi who believes in equal parts Om and Beyoncé, equal parts softness and cursing, equal parts fast cars and stillness on a cushion, equal parts alignment and freestyle and equal parts harsh hip hop and delicate breathe. I firmly and wholeheartedly believe yoga is for everyone and anyone seeking to live a more present and zestful life. I strive to create an inclusive space to explore, inquire, and learn more about yourself. Life is not full of unicorns, rainbows and puppies at every corner and yoga is no different. Our practice is a direct reflection of our lives and provides the tools to arrive to the everyday grind with our hearts leading the way. The deeper we dive into our practice the better we are able to sit with everything that comes our way, even the messy, uncomfortable, and painful, and choose to not escape but instead choose love. My classes encourage you to become closer and more confident in listening to your intuitive voice, while cultivating a stronger connection between your physical body and emotional being. I infuse a spunky flow of music, united with movement to revitalize and awaken your powerhouse of soulful energy. I create an energetic flow to allow you to explore your comfort zone, as well as flirting with tip toeing outside and challenging yourself. I strive to create a genuine, raw, and honest space to allow for personal growth and connection. Laughing, silliness, and dancing are highly encouraged. Whether you want to sculpt an amazing ass, laugh your ass off, come closer to your god or come closer to the richest form of yourself, I offer you the space. I wish for you to leave my class with a pep in your step, laughing a little deeper, and singing loudly with the rhythm of your heart.

Clare Bornemann is currently not instructing any classes.