Ellen Millar

Ellen came to yoga four years ago with aging issues. Routine tasks were difficult and just trying to survive was the daily goal. A Groupon offer at Perennial Yoga and Meditation brought Ellen to yoga. The rest is history.
After one month of consistent yoga classes, her life had changed drastically. There were huge improvements in flexibility, balance, and emotional peace. She had a new zest for life.Ellen realized that many other people with limitations could also be “transformed”, if there was a program offered to meet their needs. This became her new “life purpose. With the help of teachers at Perennial, Ellen enrolled and graduated from Teacher Training at Perennial in 2016. She has since received certification in Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga from Aura Wellness Center, Attleboro, MA.
Since graduation, Ellen has been teaching “Easy Yoga Plus!” at the Fitchburg Senior Center and senior apartment complexes in the Madison area. Some of her students even have come using walkers. She is amazed and inspired by the progress obtained by those who are willing to take that first brave step, to challenge themselves and work to improve their quality of life. Her students experience improved balance, strength, flexibility, and vitality. She encourages everyone to listen to their bodies and assists them in finding new ways to breath, move and stretch through modified yoga postures.
Join her class and begin the journey to a revitalized life. Come and experience Ellen’s enthusiasm and dedication to yoga. She welcomes everyone and their limitations!

Ellen Millar instructs the following:
  • In this class, yoga is modified to fit your body type and body limitations. You learn to listen to your body and decide whether to practice using a chair, standing and/or getting down on the floor – the choice is yours based on your ability. Breathing techniques enhance your practice as you learn how your mind, body and spirit work together. This class will improve your balance, flexibility, strength and vitality.