Jamie Healy

Jamie took her first yoga class in Seattle in 2002 and has been practicing ever since. She has a deep respect for the ability of the human body to heal itself and has seen firsthand what a consistent yoga practice can do to calm the mind and deepen the connection to self and others. Jamie is a lover of all things natural. Often described as “organic,” she creates natural skin care products using essential oils. In 2014 Jamie received her 200 hour RYT certification after completing the Perennial Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training at Perennial Yoga & Meditation. Jamie’s classes will encourage you to trust your inner teacher and connect to your truest nature. Jamie is honored to witness the transformative power of yoga in her students and feels blessed to be a part of the Perennial community.

Jamie Healy instructs the following:
  • A class that incorporates creative vinyasa sequencing (breath-inspired movement), attention to alignment, breath awareness, meditation and chanting to build strength, increase flexibility, calm the mind and open the heart. 
    For students newer to yoga or who prefer a slower paced practice.

  • Wake up and celebrate your radiant life. Start your day with a rhythmic, devotional and flowing practice that warms the body, calms the mind and opens the heart. If 6am will be your regular/only time to practice you can save by purchasing our Early Bird Yoga 5 Class Pass - $45.

    For students with a regular practice who want a moderately paced class. 

  • Restore your calm and reenergize during this 45 minute Yoga Nidra class. The practice of Yoga Nidra or “Yogic Sleep” is a systematic meditation technique used to induce complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. In this class we will begin by applying therapeutic grade essential oils specific to the season before lying down on our backs for guided meditation, breathwork and visualization. We use bolsters, blankets and eye pillows to support and re-align the body, mind and spirit. The ancient yogis say that just 30 minutes of this practice is like getting two hours of restful sleep. Take a break during your day to experience greater insight, focus and clarity. You are encouraged to wear clothing that you find relaxing, non-constricting and comforting, although the beauty of yoga nidra is that you can come dressed as you are. You need just bring an open mind to the profoundly healing benefits of this restorative practice.