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Intuitive Interior Design  |  Third Eye to Third Eye  |  With Meg Sirchio Groves

Third Eye to Third Eye

Let's take an artistic journey together. Your palette will be your own intuitive genius. The canvas, a  space(s) in your home or business. Your creation, a transformed space that expresses and enhances what you are working to manifest more of in your life. The Universe is always conspiring to help us fulfill our purpose and we can cooperate by tuning into our intuition, or our third eye center. I call the arrival of this sort of inner knowing a "download." When it comes I've learned to listen and follow through with a spirit of intrigue, curiosity and enthusiasm.    Our work together will guide you through the process of tuning into your intuition and then creating an intention for how you want to live into this stage of your life with more vitality and alignment. With this intention as your guide we'll get busy designing space(s) in your home or business, as well as routines/rituals in your daily life, that align with the energy of your intention. I can’t wait to laugh and cry and celebrate our way into the insights that live in your third eye. I know firsthand that life is so much better from this perspective!

The insights and guidance I’ll share with you are a potpourri of what has worked for me. It includes wisdom from the traditions of yoga and ayurveda, and use of color, texture, light, symbols, and the five elements and senses to create a space that portrays your beautiful inner life.  The culmination of our work together will bring you happiness and new blessings in your personal life, relationships and career. 


One Room
2, 2-hour face-to-face consultations
$150  |  $120 Perennial Members

Two or More Rooms

5, 2-hour face-to-face consultations

$400  |  $360 Perennial Members

Perennial Members receive 10% discount
Additional fees may apply for travel outside of Fitchburg and Greater Madison area

Let's Connect Eye To Eye

third eye to third eye

Our Work Together

Consider our work together life/spiritual coaching combined with interior design. The goal is to help you access the wisdom that resides in your third eye so you can create an intention and space that manifests this wisdom. You might think this work is time-consuming and expensive. Neither has to be true. The wisdom we are going to go looking for is already within you.  I believe we were born with a unique song in our heart and I want to help you find the notes, rhythm and words of that song so you can express it in your home or business and the way you "do" your daily life.  If you open your mind and third eye we can roll up our sleeves and convey your song!  We can create your space on a small or larger size budget. Expect to have FUN!  
Getting Started

The size of the space we're designing and decorating will determine the scope of our time together (see Rates). Our face-to-face sessions will start at my Third Eye to Third Eye home office and then transition to your space. We may even take shopping "fieldtrips" together. But before we go anywhere we'll spend a healthy amount of time communing third eye to third eye. You'll also spend time, alone, in your home or business, feeling your way into what already is and pondering what playgrounds of possibility you want to invite into your life and your space. Then, when the time is right, an intention will emerge and this will become our on ramp for our work together.  The approaches to seeing and creating your space and your lifestyle that you'll discover during our work together will continue to guide you even after our work together is finished,  and I'll welcome the opportunity to continue to support you. 

Five Senses & Five Elements

I love designing and decorating in styles from modern to traditional, glamorous to rustic, bohemian to mission shaker. No matter what, appealing to all five senses will be considered as we create your haven. Balance and inspiration in your space and life will be aided by incorporating the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space into the design, with an extra dosing of what you're lacking. I'll explain more when we meet. 


Meg Sirchio Groves

I am the owner of Perennial - Yoga, Wisdom, Community.  In addition to teaching yoga and shepherding this vibrant community into existence I've been designing, decorating and curating sacred spaces for many years.  It is my second passion to yoga.  I've learned first hand that decorating a space happens much like life does, two steps forward, one step backwards.  I've also learned that, like life, you won't make a mistake that doesn't end up teaching you a life lesson or serving a higher purpose.  I've enjoyed decorating many spaces throughout my life and when I give myself over to this creative process, and let the work flow through me versus from me, it's relaxing, insightful and inspiring. It's a time to be in dialogue with myself and to see a visible and tangible expression of the beauty inside me. It's also a very effective way to shape-shift my reality.  For instance, the intention for the decor of my home at this stage in my life is "sensuous spirituality."   I want my home to express what I intend to bring more of into my life, which is a softer, warmer and  juicier connection to myself, others and the Divine. This intention has guided my choice in color, texture and symbols. I've paid attention to how the natural light travels in my home and I've followed it with intimate and cheerful seating areas. I've studied my homes "bones," found the signs of a well-lived life, and allowed them to be.  I've placed my own "mark" on my space and continue to let it evolve as I celebrate the ever-changing landscape of this wild and precious life.  My wish, through our work together, is that you learn more about what's stirring and singing in your soul, and that we bring that forward by connecting third eye to third eye so you express it even more beautifully and manifest even more of it!

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